Teaching Colors to Kids Using Balloons

kids teaching colors

As a parent, I always think of the most efficient ways for my child to grasp things easier and one of the basic things to educate is the recognition of colors as early as possible. Thanks to my mother who have filled my childhood days in Cebu with so much balloons in most of my birthday parties. From it, I can always say that balloons are a great way for kids to easily recognize not just the happy moments of a party but also the colors around.

Reportedly, the age of two is the commencement of the most critical stage of the kids’ learning process. Most of the kids build their good learning connections in their brain through colors. Later on, they can identify other things based on what they learn with those colors.

Kids are said to discern colors based on what they see or hear. However, there are a lot of barriers or factors around which may delay and deter the learning of your kids which create a great challenge for the parents of a kid to inculcate them with the right information necessary for their well-being.

Luckily, there are a lot of ways on how to teach your kids with colors and as I have said, one of them is by using colorful balloons. Because of the great connection of balloons to the kids, it is easier for you to get their attention. Kids are very open to learn things when they are in a good mood. Balloons give them a positive feeling and then an eager interest to know what it is more about. Therefore, it gives you the big opportunity of transferring loads of information to their minds that can help them successfully define colors. Moreover, balloons are very affordable and are very common giveaway during birthday, baptismal, fiesta, and other parties. Balloons are remarkably one of the things that kids do anticipate when they come to parties!

Using the Balloons

  1. Remember to teach the kids first before giving them the lesson. Start showing and defining colors to them before even asking. Quizzing them at the very beginning would only prevent you from getting their attention.
  2. Start from the most basic colors namely the red, blue, yellow, white, and black. These are the most common colors around them. Showing and asking a “blue green balloon” is not making sense. It is like teaching Algebra to preschool kids.
  3. Avoid putting string, poles, or any unnecessary materials to the balloons. You can just scatter several pieces of balloons in a safe area where they can freely play with them without harming each other. If you put strings into it, kids would definitely want to pull those strings and disregard what you are saying.
  4. When showing colors, it is better to emphasize that colors are not only associated with balloons. Tell them that colors are not just for balloons. If you don’t, they might think that the color red is the name of a red balloon and nothing else. Same thing goes for the other colors.
  5. Kids may recognize the color but they might have a hard time saying its name so it’s better to let them point out colors first before asking them to tell you the color. A good example is by letting them to pick up all the yellow balloons. If they couldn’t get it, teach them again by showing a few examples.
  6. Try to repeat things as much as you can. Again, there are a lot of barriers in the learning of kids so you need a load of patience in telling things to kids over and over again until they have finally caught it.
  7. You may also add twistable balloons and figure them like their favorite animals or cartoon characters so you can get more of their attention.
  8. Do not scold any kid if unable to recognize a color. This will only break the knot of your efforts to the interest and confidence of the children. The kids’ learning comes in a repetitive process so make your way to enjoy it.
  9. After each session, you may treat the kids with foods that can be associated with colors. You can serve them a cake with colorful sprinkles and allow them to start defining the colors on it.
  10. Never limit the learning with balloons. After asking them what the color of the balloon is, you may also share to them other objects with the same colors. This could help them think for more possibilities.

The more you talk about colors, the easier for the kids to absorb much information into their brains. They do not just learn colors in the air. They learn it from various exposures to colors in their environment and you as the parent or the teacher plays a major role in their learning development. Make learning a happier experience for them!

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