Sinulog 2016: Party Balloons Extravaganza

Days are fast counting that the past Sinulog Festival sounds like it has only been held a month ago. More than your worries for your fast moving age, event organizers and festival coordinators and contingents from Cebu and other participating provinces are now into their breaking of toes for the upcoming event. Four more days to go and again, it will be another week-long celebration in the grand streets of the Queen City of the South – Cebu.

On a majority, the focus of the preparation is more into the street dancing competition wherein huge amount amount of prizes at stake for the most creative, the most beautiful, and the most synchronized presentations. Therefore, every contingent is obviously is looking much more into that bounty and the event organizers would rely much other portions of the festival to some ready-made art that will be conventional and inexpensive.

Most of us would immediately associate balloons with festivity and happiness. Thus, party balloons are a perfect beaurty and art material for big events like the Sinulog Festival. Organizers have much of their time consumed to the main activities and so these colorful and easy to produce balloons are only a blow away to the rescue. Take some time to imagine how all festival activities are being balanced.

For several years, balloons are very much present in almost every fluvial parades before the actual Cebu festivity. As the activity name suggests, this activity is happening in the seas of Cebu where colorful balloons and fresh flower decorations on the boats are always remarkable. Additionally, this parade is being held for a few hours only and so the use of reusable materials like the balloons is much ideal.

A simple yet good looking stage has been the custom for most of the nightly events. Concerts will not require any artistic masks on the stage to amuse the audience; balloons will do. Most of the singing competitions held during Sinulog are preferred to have a modern theme and so why consume an enormous amount and a strenuous time cutting cartolina and crepe papers if shiny balloons will totally work. People behind the festival would normally not bother weaving indigineous materials to be decorated along the streets. Bunches of flowers and balloons will certainly do.

The bottomline of this is that no matter how busy we will be for the upcoming grand festival in Cebu, party balloons will again play a major role in the festival’s success. This object has been already part of the annual history. Thus, party balloons had been a great part of the Cebuano’s lives; that every piece of a balloon could equate a thousand joy in one angle alone of the spectators.

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