Red and Green Decorative Ideas for Christmas

“Jingle bells! Jingle bells!” I suddenly shouted following the beat of the CD tape being played in the living room when I am about to live for a jogging session in the Abellana Complex. Quite a good day to relax from several days of straight work for creating the additional contents of Cebu Party Balloons website.

“Christmas is again approaching” I realized to myself, “and I am thankful to the Lord for everything that happened.

Despite all the burdens and trials my wife and I have long struggled around this year, it is still reasonable to thank Him for we remained undefeated and unbroken. Despite some regrets I had for leaving my previous job and decided to be self-emplyed, we remained contented and faithful to each other. Despite all the criticisms I have received for the several life decisions I’ve made, the love, care, and trust between us was not degraded or changed. Thus, together with family and friends, we should be cheering joy for the Christmas!

There was a positive approval from my wife when I shared to her that I would love to see much red and green on the Holy Season. For me, red symbolizes life and stability against all challenges and green is for the continuing grace provided from above.

From the facade of the house, to the frontyard, our living room, kitchen, and other rooms, I want to see something red and green. Honestly, budget was a constraint yet I relied much on the creativity produced when mine and my wife’s ideas are well-blended together.

We have decided to use red and green party balloons as a fantastic alternative. It was first her idea and I found it even super amazing and practical so “why not?”

Instead of paying much for a few meters of a Christmas tree, my wife cleaned, retouched and reused one of the old Christmas trees we bought from the mall, a few years ago. We have blow three tiny latex balloons to the size of standard billiard balls. Attached to each other using a piece of string from the rice sack, we’ve put them on top of our recycled four feet short Christmas tree. I was so amazed by how she held those things together. She even found a great way to use a red ribbon from one of my son’s birthday gift and turned it into a dazzling work of art towards the tiny balloons on the small tree.

At the main front door is a shimmering wifey creation made of thicker balloons. Like the size of regular coconuts, five pieces of red and green balloons were alternately being tied together with a shiny-looking plastic yellow bell ideally inserted in the middle that made it more fabulous. For only a few pesos spent for those balloons, our main door is now looking as gorgeous as my wife.

With an extreme interest on lights, I have brought a winter feeling in our frontyard. White rubber balloons were of great help on creating our snowman. Thanks also to the red scarf from my wife’s cabin that perfectly fitted into our version of the snowman and it amazingly blended well on the atmosphere of the house facade.

Our living room had never been that fabulous than ever. Colorful lights that were set behind an array of white balloons forming an arch was the greatest contributor of the fab. I am just hoping that my curious son will neevr be tempted to drag or push any side of this polar arch. Arranging those balloons already consumed four hours of our time.

In our kitchen were three baskets full of handmade watermelons. We’ve created it by simply coating some large balloons with a thick paste and put some crumpled Japanese paper; crepe paper may also be used. When it is already dry, I drew some marks on it using a black pentil pen so it would look more realistic. This routine would require you to get your hands wet, sticky, and messy but you will definitely reap the fruits of your good labor.

After several hours of work in our private room, we have finally brought the North Pole experience inside. As much as I do, my wife really loves a cool and comfortable sleeping room, as much as I do. We both hate seeing things hanging and misplaced inside our room. So, we have created smaller versions of the snow man. They were also made of balloons and are just enough to be neatfully displayed on top of the cabinets, making the room remained wide and comfy.

“We are ready for Christmas! Hoo-hoo-hoo!” I could say.

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