People to Avoid In the City

The availability of several products, services, jobs, schools, and government offices in the cities of Cebu, Mandaue, Lapu-lapu, Danao, and Talisay make these areas getting overcrowded. The heavy crowd creates business opportunities to small, medium, and large enterprises in the place. However, this crowd then consequently attracts criminals and other offenders to perform their hoodlum acts in the midst of a thick number of people busy moving around the place, for each of their purposes. Employees and customers of Cebu Party Balloons are always being warned to avoid some types of people when they are in any major cities. These type of people might be very common in any other places but as a sort of reminder, repost this list into your memory so you can avoid any of their disgusting traps.

Budol Budol Gang Members

The content writer of Cebu Party Balloons, named Juzz, himself was almost a pull to the trolley of a budol-budol gang member. While walking along Leon Kilat Street at a late evening, a decent-looking young woman with a long black hair and carrying a black leather shoulder bag that would initially appeal her unsuspicious, suddenly approached him as if she was lost in the city. The woman said she is from the province, which she didn’t even care telling which specific town or part of, and someone had offered her a job. Upon arrival in the city, she could no longer contact that person so she is trying to find a relative in the city to rescue her. When Juzz asked her for the complete name and address of her relative, she seemed unwilling to share and cooperate. Instead of providing helpful information and respoding to the query of Juzz, the woman managed to talk about her misfortunes in life and how badly she needed help. With a dose of doubt and suspesion when the woman said she has a large amount of money inside her bag and she needs someone to accompany her, Juzz immediately advised the woman to sought assistance directly from a police or barangay officer. And, before being totally drawn by the woman’s sound-very-true words, he left her standing accross the Elizabeth Mall, along the GSIS building.

Upon sharing to friends and peers, Juzz find out that he was so lucky he had avoided the trap of the woman whose actions were just some of the tricks of Budol-budol gang members reportedly operating in several cities nationwide. According to a few victims and please take note, some of them would come to you asking for directions, trade some items to you at unbelievably low prices, offer you to come in a place for freebies, showing magic tricks or entertainment to derail your consiousness and judgment, and so on. Most of them are neatly dressed and are good-looking to capture good impression of the target person and act as if they carry more valuables than you. As much as you can, keep yourself aware of these tricks and exercise good initiative on dealing with strangers.


While you are extremely busy with your stuff in the city, beware of these pick-pocketers who can attack you at any time. They come to you when they sense that you are vulnerable and when you act unaware of the surrounding or when you are too busy enjoying things other than thinking on the valuables inside your pocket or bag. Then, they will pick any thing they could take of good value like mobile phones, tablets, and even calculators. There have been several reports on pick-pocketers along Colon Street and N. Bacalso Avenue.

A Cebu Party Balloons’ customer shared that women and children are now being engaged on this criminal activity. Not only that children and girls look harmless but kids are used by syndicates due to their juvenile delinquency.

There are several areas where these offenders regularly position to hunt for victims. You can avoid them by equipping yourself with a proper caution and awareness. As much as you can, do not wear or bring luxury items when travelling and always check-tap your pocket when you are in a crowded place.

Snatchers and Hold-uppers

No matter who you are or what hardship you carry in life, there are always those type of people who look only at what they can get or benefit from you.

There was a lady walking along the busy streets near the old Citilink Terminal at around seven in the evening when a man suddenly pulled off her bag and ran away. In her wish to go after him, the lady ran as fast as she could. The happening seemed to be just normal that nobody even cared to catch or object the running man. Well, it could be harmful but in a regular area, there should be some sort of a helpful response from the people around. Instead, everyone looked easy and careless.

Suddenly, what caught everyone’s attention was the grief of the lady asking for pity from the snatcher, if she is still being heard. She was begging to him like she sounded saying “Snatch my bag later but please not tonight!”

As tearfully narrated by the lady, she’s on her way to the Cebu City Medical Center where her little son has been confined for several days. On her bag was Five Thousand Pesos cash which she had borrowed from a neighbor in the province. It will be used to immediately purchase more bags of blood and medicine for her son who was in a critical condition. Moved by conscience, some residents helped escort the crying lady to a small alley where the snatcher had ran away and possibly hid.

At least four people were calling the snatcher in their hopes to get back her bag. After about an hour of begging, there was another man in a maroon cap who appeared to represent the snatcher for a negotiation.

“Iya daw iuli pero kuhaan daw niya ug five hundred (He said he will return it but he will take five hundred pesos)”, said the man.

“Ah grabeha naman sad. Ako ra gyud tawon tong hinulaman. Kulang paman gani to ipalit ug tambal nya iyaha pa gyud tong kuhaan? (Oh, how mean he is. I just owed it. It is not even sufficient to buy medicines), the lady replied.

It took another hour before the lady decided to favor the request of the criminal. What had happened could also happen or might have happened to anyone else. Avoid criminally-prone places like Colon Street or else you will be paying their price. These criminals are desperate enough to take your cash or items and mostly will not excempt you from your excuses if you have the chance to tell them to. For them, you are their chance of living another day. So sad but a hard reality in several poverty-stricken areas of Cebu.

Shark Vendors

From the time you have stepped out from the vehicle arriving within the city, expect some peddlers of sunglasses and silvers who usually get a person’s attention and mercy by telling that they are selling origial Ray-Ban glasses or snatched jewelries. They will then trade the item to you at a very attractive amount; some saying an amount enough to have their meal, as a sales tactic. Sometimes they would even knock on the vehicle windows and beg a sale from you.

You will only realize that you are being cheated when you found out that those glasses you bought from them for one hundred fifty to two hundred pesos are normally being sold for only thirty-five to fifty pesos in several sidewalk vendors; or, the shimmering silver you have puchased from them for five hundred pesos is no more different from the rusty iron links you use at home.

While most of them have gained mastery on their own black trade acquired from experience, you can put yourself on a safer side when you do not easily talk or deal with people you do not extremely know. Pair your awareness with a good level of precaution at your smartest initiative.

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