How Cebuanos Normally Celebrate Birthdays

Several types of party needs suppliers have sprouted in the cities of Cebu, Mndaue, Consolacion, Danao, Lapu-lapu, and even in several provinces in the north and south of Cebu. There are those who supply balloons, cakes, cones, piniatas, candles, and even magicians. There are also those some that specializes in party materials and equipments like chairs, tables, lights, video, photographers, and audio systems for birthday events. However, much of these party and events supply force have never fully understood as to how the typical Cebuanos normally celebrate birthdays. Cebu Party Balloons suggests that awarenessof these could help the industry determine exact needs of the clients and would eventually improve each of the related service.

Mixture of modern and traditional

Nowadays, Cebuanos aim not only for a hippie type of birthday but also for some cultural allignment; to what are in according to tradition. Therefore, several things are to be considered when offering such party products and services to clients, depending on how sensitive they are with their cultural taste.

“I want a party full of balloons pretty enough to highlight surfaces of the venue,” said by a customer.

To several believers, balloons symbolize offering to the ancient Gods for a fact that the first ever created balloons were made of animal bladders washed and blown for offering. There are also some people who do not want to see anything black during birthdays because, for them, black means death.

Love for native products

Food is considered the most important material on most Cebuano bithday parties. Forget the other preparations but never the sumptuous meals, no matter how simple or extravagant the planned recipes are. However, there is always an expectation from the celebrant or even the guests that one or more of the recipes natively prepared.

For lechon baboy (luncheon pork), people expect to have it from a young native pig; meaning, those pigs that are feeded mostly with green grases instead of commercial feeds, and then rolled over a hot charcoal. Most native pigs are commonly raised in the provincial areas. Consider visiting and possibly sourcing from the animal trading in Mantalongon, Barili.

For pancit, there have been various versions introduced over time but Cebu’s Bam-i style is the most common and the most requested during birthdays. Not just with the belief that it stands for a longer life of the celebrant but with how Sugboanons are historically hooked into the delicate taste of sauted pork meat chunks and vegetables with a classic soy sauce, enough to blend to the thin bihon strings made of rice and egg. The recipe itself is a whole set but people interestingly add rice into it as the staple.

Lechon Manok Bisaya (Visayan-style grilled chicken) has always been a great request. Native chicken are fed mostly with corn and other natural food sources found in mountainous lands. This gives the chicken meat a very unique and savory flavor when grilled over hot wood or charcoals.

Birthday food suppliers or caterers should consider reorganizing menu packages to suit the needs of the Cebuanos at, of course, favorably affordable rates.

Candies for kiddies

Normally, kids would attend a birthday party not just for the colorful balloons they wish to bring with them at home but also for candies, bags and bags of candies. Thus, a Cebuano parent would always include these to the party preparations list. So, aside from party cones and cakes, stock a variety of candies to delight the kids. Besides, candies are inexpensive and may be the best giveaway for those who are on a tight budget.

It could be from small to large types of sweets. There are several candy stores in the city where bulk ordering may cost lesser and would definitely save the budget.

Singing all day

Cebuanos are very much fond on singing especially on karaoke machines. They enjoy not just the cracks of jokes but also from the “birit” by the guests for the songs they like. Most of them would consider renting this machine instead of an expensive audio set. Besides, almost all of the songs they would like to sing are only a click away.

In the provincial areas, not everyone has their own music set so setting aside about three hundred to eight hundred, depending on the number of hours the machine would be leased, is very common.

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