10 Amazing Balloon Facts You’ve Never Heard Of

Filipinos, especially the Cebuanos, are very fond of decorating using balloons during special occasions. Birthday parties seemed incomplete without the wavering balloon colors. Cebu fiestas had been always filled with small and big colorful balloons for years. Baptismal, weddings, and other special events are being spent well and memorably with the joyful atmosphere brought by these fun-filled balloons.

I bet you’ve been long living with this art but you probably haven’t heard of these ten amazing balloon facts that could also blow your mind up to the clouds:

  1. Made By Accident – Don’t you know that the first balloons were not meant for your mouth’s or eyes’ fun? Yes, the first balloons were invented by Professor Michael Faraday in 1824 not to spread colors on your birthday but for use on his experiments with hydrogen and other gases. He originally cut round two pieces of rubber laid together and then pressed the edges to make it welded. His idea is to trap or store gases in the rubber but soon men were amused enough to produce billions of it per year and it’s just for fun.
  2. Made Of Dried Animal Bladder – Believe it or not but some early balloons were made of dried animal bladders such as those from cows and pigs. The Aztecs were noted for producing balloons from cleaned cat intestines and stomachs. They sewed and inflated those internal organs and used them for their God offerings. I know you can now imagine how smelly the early balloons were!
  3. Helium Versus Natural Air – You probably might have weighted the difference between air-filled balloons versus those helium-filled and surely you might have found out that helium gas is much lighter than the natural air, making the rubber fly. Yes, you are correct! However, have you ever realized that natural deflation or bursting in helium balloons are faster compared to those that are being filled with air? This is because helium atoms are smaller compared to natural air atoms which allow them to slowly escape through the super tiny holes of the rubber balloon. Funnier to hold a flying balloon with your hand but sad to say it would last for a few days. Heard it?
  4. Restricted In Guinness Book – Deflating and bursting balloons may spread to anywhere. Thus, irresponsible use of them may cause various forms of harm to the environment and to the people. Busted balloons might be eaten by animals. It may also cause power interruption if it would mess up with the electric wirings in street sides. Given this logic and by such petitions made by several concerned groups, the Guinness Book of World Records has decided not to honor any record attempts in releasing balloons to the atmosphere.
  5. Medical Aide – Don’t just associate balloons with party and fun because there is a so-called surgical procedure called Angioplasty which is being performed through the aide of small balloons being inserted into blocked human blood vessels close to the heart. Some balloons are also being attached into several catheter tools.
  6. Tougher Than What You Think – Most party balloons are made of latex which is derived from the sap of rubber trees. The increasing demand for this stuff might let you think on where we could soon get that material if rubber trees would fade. Worry no more since getting latex won’t hurt a rubber tree, records say. In fact, rubber trees are said to continue in producing that material and have an estimated life of 40 years. Wow!
  7. There’s White Inside – You may be one of those kids who enjoy blowing balloons by mouth and for some time you have experienced seeing some white powder inside. You may have thought it is the tartar being squeezed from your precious mouth but thank me it’s not. Balloon producers put some flour or any related powdery material inside the balloon to avoid it from sticking together and to improve the quality and flexibility of the balloon.
  8. Eco-friendly – You’re may be one of the eco-saints who are very much concerned on the protection of the environment. Thus, you are more worried on the ecological impact of using balloons for your party. Well, lessen your worries and hail the balloon spirits for they are mostly made of biodegradable materials. Moreover, balloons are said to decompose faster than plastics and other basic home materials.
  9. Fly Around The World – It is a kid’s wonder to fly to the sky by holding balloons on a bare hand. It was only on 1999, when two men had realized their childhood ambition of reaching the clouds using balloons. Brian Jones and Bertrand Piccard successfully traveled the world with their balloons. They have proven to the world that too much of a good thing can be super wonderful!
  10. Too Much Is Not Good – In 1986, there was a record-breaking attempt by a charity in Ohio, USA which was claimed to have contributed to the death of two sailors. Balloon release may have been too much that reports said there were horses injured, traffic congestion and a closure of an airport.

There you have my list which I aimed not just to amaze but also to educate everyone to keep our feet to the ground of social responsibility. Most fantastic moments can be availed cheaply and sometimes for free but always keep in mind that everyone’s safety and the nature’s protection shall never be compromised.

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